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In the realm of dried fruit production and exportation, certain countries stand out as major players, shaping global markets and satisfying the cravings of consumers worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top seven producers and exporters of dried fruits, shedding light on their unique strengths, primary products, and contributions to the industry.

dried fruit producers and exporters worldwide


  1. Turkey: A Mediterranean Haven for Dried Fruits

   –    Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey benefits from a Mediterranean climate ideal for fruit cultivation. The country’s extensive orchards yield an abundance of high-quality dried fruits, catering to both domestic and international markets.

   –  Primary Products:  Turkish apricots are celebrated for their vibrant orange hue, rich flavor, and chewy texture, making them a popular choice among consumers. Additionally, Turkish figs are prized for their natural sweetness and versatility in culinary applications.


  1. United States: A Diverse Landscape of Dried Fruit Production

   –    With its vast expanse of agricultural land and diverse climate zones, the United States emerges as a prominent player in the global dried fruit market. From California’s sunny orchards to Washington’s fertile valleys, the country offers a wide array of fruit varieties.

   –  Primary Products:  California dominates the production of raisins, supplying a significant portion of the world’s dried grape output. Furthermore, Californian almonds are renowned for their crunchy texture, delicate flavor, and nutritional benefits.


  1. Iran: The Jewel of Persian Dried Fruits

   –    Iran boasts a rich agricultural heritage and favorable climatic conditions, making it a leading producer of premium dried fruits. The country’s diverse landscapes, from lush valleys to arid plains, facilitate the cultivation of various fruit varieties.

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   –  Primary Products:  Iran is renowned for its exquisite dates, prized for their exceptional sweetness and tender texture. Additionally, Iranian pistachios are highly sought after for their vibrant green color, distinct flavor, and nutritional value.


  1. China: A Giant in Dried Fruit Production

   –    As one of the world’s largest agricultural producers, China boasts extensive fruit-growing regions and advanced cultivation techniques. The country’s diverse terrain and favorable climate support the cultivation of various dried fruit varieties.

   –  Primary Products:  Chinese dried plums, known as li hing mui, are prized for their tangy-sweet flavor profile and unique culinary uses. Moreover, Chinese goji berries, revered for their antioxidant properties and health benefits, are gaining popularity in international markets.


  1. India: A Bountiful Source of Dried Fruit Delights

   –    India’s tropical climate and fertile soil provide an ideal environment for fruit cultivation, resulting in a diverse range of dried fruit offerings. The country’s vibrant markets brim with an assortment of traditional and exotic dried fruits.

   –  Primary Products:  Indian mangoes, when dried and preserved, retain their distinctive sweetness and tropical aroma, captivating taste buds around the world. Additionally, Indian cashew nuts, prized for their creamy texture and rich flavor, are in high demand globally.


  1. Thailand: Exotic Flavors of Southeast Asia

   –    Thailand’s tropical climate and lush landscapes yield an abundance of exotic fruits, many of which are transformed into delectable dried snacks. The country’s vibrant culinary scene showcases a diverse array of dried fruit products.

   –  Primary Products:  Thai mango strips, with their irresistible combination of sweet and tangy flavors, are a favorite among snack enthusiasts. Moreover, Thai coconut chips, crispy and fragrant, offer a delightful taste of tropical paradise.

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  1. Vietnam: A Rising Star in Dried Fruit Production

   –    Vietnam’s fertile deltas and favorable weather conditions foster the cultivation of a wide range of fruits, including those destined for the dried fruit market. The country’s burgeoning agricultural sector fuels its emergence as a key player in the industry.

   –  Primary Products:  Vietnamese jackfruit chips, with their chewy texture and naturally sweet taste, provide a unique snacking experience. Additionally, Vietnamese banana chips, thinly sliced and delicately fried, offer a crunchy indulgence infused with tropical flavor.


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