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In today’s interconnected world, the demand for exotic and nutritious dried fruits and nuts transcends borders. From the luscious sweetness of dates to the delicate crunch of almonds, these tantalizing treats offer a symphony of flavors and textures. At Felexa’s, we take pride in being a premier Persian dried fruit exporter, offering a diverse range of products to satisfy the cravings of customers worldwide. In this article, we present a comprehensive list of popular dried fruits and nuts, featuring their names in English, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Turkish, Malaysian, and Chinese, showcasing the rich linguistic tapestry of our global community.

1. Dates:

   English: Dates

   Hindi: खजूर (Khajoor)

   Arabic: تمر (Tamr)

   Persian: خرما (Khorma)

   Russian: Финики (Finiki)

   Turkish: Hurma

   Malaysian: Kurma

   Chinese: 枣子 (Zǎozi)

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2. Apricot:

   English: Apricot

   Hindi: खुबानी (Khubani)

   Arabic: مشمش (Mishmish)

   Persian: زردآلو (Zardaloo)

   Russian: Абрикос (Abrikos)

   Turkish: Kayısı

   Malaysian: Aprikot

   Chinese: 杏子 (Xìngzi)

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3. Fig:

   English: Fig

   Hindi: अंजीर (Anjeer)

   Arabic: تين (Tin)

   Persian: انجیر (Anjeer)

   Russian: Фига (Figa)

   Turkish: İncir

   Malaysian: Buah Ara

   Chinese: 无花果 (Wúhuāguǒ)

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4. Pistachio:

   English: Pistachio

   Hindi: पिस्ता (Pista)

   Arabic: فستق (Fustuq)

   Persian: پسته (Peste)

   Russian: Фисташки (Fistashki)

   Turkish: Antepfıstığı

   Malaysian: Kacang Pistachio

   Chinese: 开心果 (Kāixīn guǒ)

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   English: Walnut

   Hindi: अखरोट (Akhrot)

   Arabic: جوز (Jawz)

   Persian: گردو (Gerdu)

   Russian: Грецкий орех (Gretskiy orekh)

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   Turkish: Ceviz

   Malaysian: Kacang Walnut

   Chinese: 核桃 (Hétáo)

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6. Raisin:

   English: Raisin

   Hindi: किशमिश (Kishmish)

   Arabic: زبيب (Zabib)

   Persian: کشمش (Keshmesh)

   Russian: Изюм (Izyum)

   Turkish: Kuru Üzüm

   Malaysian: Kismis

   Chinese: 葡萄干 (Pútáogān)

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7. Hazelnut:

    English: Hazelnut

    Hindi: हेजेलनट (Hejelnut)

    Arabic: بندق (Bunduq)

    Persian: فندق (Fandagh)

    Russian: Лесной орех (Lesnoy orekh)

    Turkish: Fındık

    Malaysian: Kacang Hazel

    Chinese: 榛子 (Zhēnzi)

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8. Almonds:

   English: Almonds

   Hindi: बादाम (Badam)

   Arabic: لوز (Lawz)

   Persian: بادام (Badam)

   Russian: Миндаль (Mindal’)

   Turkish: Badem

   Malaysian: Badam

   Chinese: 杏仁 (Xìngrén)

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9. Cashew:

   English: Cashew

   Hindi: काजू (Kaju)

   Arabic: كاجو (Kaju)

   Persian: بادام هندی (Badam Hendi)

   Russian: Кешью (Kesh’yu)

   Turkish: Kaju

   Malaysian: Gajus

   Chinese: 腰果 (Yāoguǒ)

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10. Prune:

    English: Prune

    Hindi: सूखा आलूबुखारा (Sukha Aloo Bukhara)

    Arabic: البرقوق المجفف (Balut Majafaf)

    Persian: آلو سیاه(Alu Siah)

    Russian: Чернослив (Chernosliv)

    Turkish: Kuru Eriğ

    Malaysian: Prun

    Chinese: 干李子 (Gān lǐzi)

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10+1. Saffron:

   English: Saffron

   Hindi: केसर (Kesar)

   Arabic: زعفران (Za’faran)

   Persian: زعفران (Za’feran)

   Russian: Шафран (Shafran)

   Turkish: Safran

   Malaysian: Zafran

   Chinese: 红花 (Hónghuā)

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This multilingual list not only celebrates the diversity of flavors but also highlights the universal appeal of dried fruits and nuts across cultures. At Felexa’s, we strive to bridge cultural gaps by bringing the finest Persian delicacies to your doorstep, ensuring that every bite is a journey of taste and tradition.

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